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I am pleased to announce that there will be three new 7/8ths scale rolling stock kits that will be available shortly. The first will be our first all etched brass kit with white metal & lost wax brass castings included. Please check out the Rolling Stock page to have a look.  


Just a quick update to let you know I am still operating with mail order. Certain items are low in stock and I am experiencing delays with casters e.t.c but stuff is still trickling through at the present time. I thank everyone for their support at this strange time and hopefully we will all be back to normal soon.

Stay Safe, Stephen  


Latest batch of 7/8ths Hunslet Jacks has now been completed. Gallery updated with a maroon lined out Alfie by Berry Hill Works, Jack loco gallery page has been added & photos of some of our wagon kits built and painted.


I am busy continuing with paint for the batch of Hunslet jack locomotives and starting to complete lining on various components on them as well.   


It has been a busy year with current ongoing work on the batch of 7/8ths Hunslet Jack locomotives. These mid way through paint and currently machining boiler fittings to finish these off. Check out our Facebook page to see chassis running on compressed air and photos of the progress so far.  


It has been a while since I have posted anything here but it is not due to doing nothing. I have been busy including building a few Alfie locos earlier in the year and starting to do more of these with RC fitted and DJB resonator whistles.

I am currently working on the batch of 7/8th scale Hunlset ‘Jack’ locomotives. These are moving on well although are taking a lot time to manufacture due to some of the small parts and having real 3/64 rivets hand set on the buffers and smoke box. Unfortunately the batch has now sold out and currently don’t have any further plans to make anymore due to forthcoming projects.


It has been a busy few months in the workshop. I am pleased to announce that our 16mm Alfie is now available with the option of having radio control fitted which operates both regulator and fwd/rev via metal geared servos. See ‘Alfie’ page under locomotives to see further details.

I am also currently working on the small batch of 7/8ths Hunslet Jack locos I will be producing and hope to get some photos soon of the progress so far.   


New 16mm lost wax castings added including 16mm scale door handles, grab handles & footstep brackets.


Due to a number of requests I will be building a very small batch of 7/8ths scale 0-4-0 Hunslet Jack locomotives. See the page under the locomotive section for more information.


Facebook page has been created. I hope to keep this up to date with latest developments and work.


See Gallery for some new Pictures of an ‘Alfie’ painted in S&DJR Blue. This loco features a 1/2” pressure gauge. This loco has been custom built to the customers spec featuring Accucraft chopper couplings, DJB Safety valve bonnet, DJB Whistle and DJB lost was Reversing lever.

If you have any specific requirements such as these please enquire and we will see what we can do for you.